Schumer: Georgia Senate race ‘going downhill’ but Pennsylvania debate ‘didn’t hurt us too much

Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed concern Thursday about Democratic prospects in Georgia in these final weeks before midterm elections. However, he was optimistic about Pennsylvania following the recent debate performance.

Georgia is the state that we are going downhill. It’s difficult to believe they will vote for Herschel Walker,” said the Democratic leader. He added later that “But our vote, and our early turnout, in Georgia, is huge, huge.”

Of Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Schumer commented on John Fetterman’s high-stakes debate performance against Republican Mehmet O: “It seems like the debate didn’t hurt us too much here in Pennsylvania… so that’s good.”

The comments were made during a conversation between Schumer, President Joe Biden, and New York Governor. Kathy Hochul, on the Hancock Field Air National Guard Base in Syracuse. As part of his midterm closing message, Biden spoke in the state on Thursday. He called Republicans a threat to Americans’ pocketbooks and described them as “terrorists”.

Two weeks before Election Day, Democrats are trying to keep their slim majority in the 50-50 Senate. Vice President Kamala Harris holds the tiebreaking vote. Pennsylvania and Georgia, which Democrats are fighting to defend, are crucial to this mission.

“That seat, that seat, we are in danger in that chair. Schumer could be heard saying “We’ll see”, although it is not clear which seat he was referring to.

According to the Democratic leader, his party is “picking up steam in Nevada,” where Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (the party’s most vulnerable incumbent) is in one of its strongest states.

A woman claiming she was involved in a long-term romantic relationship with Walker for years has rocked the Georgia race. On Wednesday, she claimed that Walker had forced her to have an abortion in 1993. Walker was previously accused by his ex-girlfriend of encouraging her to have the procedure and then paying her for the costs. Walker has denied each accusation as false.

Most polling shows Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock (running for a full six-year term) with a slight lead over Walker in this final stretch.

Georgia’s abortion rights are a hot topic. Pennsylvania is where Fetterman tried to get voters’ attention on Oz’s comments regarding the procedure during this week’s debate. According to the Republicans, “local politicians” should be involved in women’s medical decisions.

Fetterman said that “you can’t afford to give a clown a Roe v. Wade vote.” Joy Reid of MSNBC heard Fetterman on Thursday. He added that Oz’s comment revealed: “what he believes about abortion.”

While Democrats took Oz’s comments as a starting point in their paid advertisement, Fetterman’s stroke was the focus of most of the attention after the debate.

“We wanted it to be, and we thought it was important too. Reid was told by the Democrats that they showed up. “And getting knocked down, I always got back up. That’s what I think is the essence of our campaign. We’re running to help any Pennsylvanian who has ever been knocked down to get back up. That’s what we are running on.

Recent polls from the Keystone State indicate a close race.

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