Shiba Inu whale sells billions in SHIB while 5thScape gains strong investor confidence

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Dormant Shiba Inu whale sells 48.09 billion SHIB. Meanwhile, 5thScape’s presale raised $6.1 million, signaling strong investor confidence and promising prospects.

In a notable market event, a Shiba Inu (SHIB) whale wallet, dormant for over three years, sold off its entire holdings of 48.09 billion SHIB on May 27. This transaction, facilitated by an initial investment of just 2 ETH ($2,625) in 2021, yielded an impressive 419-fold return, culminating in a sale worth approximately 278.7 ETH, or about $1.1 million. 

The sell-off occurred during a recent surge in memecoin values, sparking interest in its potential impact on SHIB’s market dynamics. As of this publication, SHIB was trading at $0.00002876, up by 15.62%, with 24-hour lows and highs of $0.00002464 and $0.00002895, respectively. 

Shiba Inu whale Dumps 48 billion in SHIB

Crypto whale Super Diamond Trader achieved remarkable profits through the Shiba Inu (SHIB) cryptocurrency. This case illustrates the significant returns possible within the cryptocurrency market.

The investor’s journey began in February 2021 with a foresighted purchase of approximately 48 billion SHIB tokens. At that time, SHIB was an emerging project in the cryptocurrency world, drawing little attention. This early investment, worth about $2,625, showcased the trader’s ability to recognize SHIB’s potential before it gained widespread popularity.

SHIB’s dramatic rise to fame occurred in October 2021, briefly surpassing Dogecoin in market capitalization. This surge captivated the investment community, turning some SHIB holders into overnight millionaires and even billionaires. 

One notable example involved a Shiba Inu wallet that transformed a $4,000 investment into an $800,000 return, although it missed a potential $10.8 million gain.

Capitalizing on this momentum, the “Super Diamond Trader” exchanged his 48 billion SHIB for 278.7 Ethereum (ETH), realizing a phenomenal 419x return on the initial investment. Although SHIB had not peaked during this transaction, the profit marked a significant achievement. It was primarily due to the more than 70% decline SHIB has experienced since its October 2021 high.

This strategic decision underscores the trader’s preference for securing substantial gains over pursuing the absolute maximum profit. 

Future of SHIB 

Looking to the future, the trajectory of SHIB remains uncertain amidst a surge in new projects within the altcoin market. This influx can potentially impede SHIB’s ability to regain its former prominence. Speculation arises that the “Super Diamond Trader” can pivot towards emerging memecoins experiencing notable growth. This instance underscores the immense profit potential of the cryptocurrency market, alongside its inherent volatility. 

The success of the “Super Diamond Trader” illustrates the rewards achievable through strategic investment and calculated risk-taking. Nonetheless, it’s vital to recognize that emulating such triumphs demands a profound market comprehension. It even needs a willingness to engage in high-risk ventures.

5thScape’s $6.1 million presale

The recent influx of investments from Crypto Whales into 5thScape speaks volumes about the project’s promising prospects. With a successful initial presale phase that exceeded expectations by raising $6.1 million, 5thScape has demonstrated traction and investor confidence. 

Shiba Inu whale sells billions in SHIB while 5thScape gains strong investor confidence - 1

This significant achievement showcases the project’s appeal and sets a solid foundation for future development and expansion. As Crypto Whales continue to recognize the potential of 5thScape, it paves the way for continued growth and success in the cryptocurrency landscape.

The distinctiveness of 5thScape

5thScape isn’t just another VR project; it’s a shift in the entertainment industry. Users can imagine leaving behind their Netflix subscriptions and old gaming consoles to enter a world where they are fully immersed in the content. 5thScape leads the charge with its VR platform, offering an all-in-one entertainment hub beyond gaming.

From adrenaline-pumping VR MMA fights to captivating VR movies that put users right in action, 5thScape offers a wide range of experiences. But it doesn’t stop there – educational content becomes more engaging and interactive with 5thScape.

The platform’s native token, 5SCAPE, is the key to unlocking this immersive world. Its popularity has soared during presale rounds, with its price and demand skyrocketing. This growth signals a promising future for 5SCAPE as it prepares to debut in the crypto market.

Combining blockchain and Virtual Reality technology, 5thScape promises a secure, transparent, and user-driven ecosystem. It’s not just a blockchain project. 

With its unique VR integration and growing popularity, 5thScape is set to change the entertainment industry and become the go-to destination for immersive experiences.

Bolstering potent crypto investment with 5thScape

An exciting investment opportunity emerges amidst the VR revolution with 5thScape. Unlike memecoins subject to the whims of social media hype, 5thScape presents a case for resilience in the volatile crypto landscape, anchored by its emphasis on utility and long-term vision.

The platform is the gateway to a comprehensive VR entertainment hub, inviting users to delve into immersive experiences. Beyond software offerings, 5thScape enhances the VR journey with its physical accessories, including the ergonomic SwiftScape VR chair and the ultra HD VR Headset, prioritizing comfort and immersion.

With a steadfast commitment to building a robust VR ecosystem and aligning with the growth trajectory of VR technology, 5thScape emerges as a resilient investment choice in the ever-evolving crypto industry.


The success of investors like the “Super Diamond Trader” in the cryptocurrency market highlights potential returns. Amidst this, 5thScape emerges, offering immersive VR experiences beyond gaming. Its recent $6.1 million presale success indicates investor confidence. With its focus on utility, long-term vision, and innovative VR/AR  integration, 5thScape presents a promising opportunity for crypto investors seeking resilience and potential in a dynamic market landscape. 

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