Solana dominates crypto conversations with 42% price jump

Solana (SOL) dominates social media discussions in the crypto space after seeing a significant price rally over the past week.

According to data from the crypto analytics platform Santiment, Solana is the top trending token on Nov. 13.

Solana dominates crypto conversations with 42% price jump - 1

Solana’s price has surged 42% over the last seven days, rallying from around $40 to over $57. This impressive upward price movement has sparked a flurry of social media activity and discussion around the Solana blockchain and its native SOL token.

Solana’s current market cap of $24.12 billion makes it the seventh biggest cryptocurrency, just behind USDC. Such a metric also makes this network more valuable than Fujitsu’s $24.16 billion market cap or Roblox’s $23.96 billion.

Santiment data shows that 51.03% of the social media discussion around Solana over the past day has been positive. This indicates strong community interest and support for Solana’s recent price gains. However, 33.19% of the social volume has been negative, likely primarily caused by its shaky fundamentals and close ties to the defunct crypto exchange FTX.

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