Solana, Tether bulls drive Kelexo presale momentum

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In the wake of a surging market, investors from Solana and Tether are diversifying their portfolios. Kelexo’s unique decentralized lending platform is capturing their interest.

The momentum of the bull run that has been going on over the last few weeks has yet to slow down as new projects find their way into the Web3 market. This means that investors have to spend a lot more time eyeing these projects and making sure that they only invest in the ones that have the possibility of giving them high returns.

Now as Solana (SOL) and Tether (USDT) see the effects of the surging market, their investors have started to look towards diversifying into other projects, and Kelexo (KLXO) the world’s first decentralized platform for lending is looking good.

Solana surges upwards

Solana has enjoyed the surging markets so far as the price increased by 22.67% in the last seven days and 44.20% in the last month. But that’s not all as SOL holders have seen the price go up by 682% in the last year.

Tether stays stable

The prices of USDT have been stable over the last few months to the joy of most of its holders. The minor fluxes in USDT like the drop by 0.02% in the last seven days and the drop by 0.34% in the last year have thankfully been negligible.

Kelexo becomes strong contender 

Kelexo is the world’s first decentralized platform for lending funds. Kelexo aims to be the largest platform for facilitating loans. It expects to capture a part of the over US$33.3bn lending and borrowing transactions happening worldwide.

This is part of Kelexo’s aim to become the one platform for connecting lenders and borrowers around the world. 

Kelexo plans to focus a lot on user utility. This means that every Kelexo user will get a debit card that lets them spend funds directly from their Kelexo wallet. Kelexo (KLXO) users will also be able to get loans without KYC and at lower fees than they would get them on traditional platforms. 

All users will also be able to swap crypto at no commission charge with Kelexo. Long-term users will also have access to a VIP program with account managers, cashback, and interest payments

Then, Kelexo plans to grow the platform by offering users crypto rewards in exchange for completing set tasks.

Additionally, Kelexo plans to give all investors a share of platform revenue proportionate to their holdings. All Kelexo users will also be able to suggest what gets changed on the platform and then vote on upcoming platform enhancements

With all this and the fact that they plan to lock the project’s liquidity for life, the presale price for stage two being just $0.04 seems like a lie. To learn more about Kelexo, visit the website.

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