South Florida Artist Lisa Botto Lee’s Artwork Launches Into Space With Help From SpaceX

Lisa Botto Lee’s artwork launched into space on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket last month during NASA’s Artemis moon mission. The artwork was digitally saved on a Nano Fiche disk in the reserved payload of the Odysseus module time capsule on the robotic spacecraft. Odysseus made a soft landing on the Lunar South Pole and implanted the time capsule containing her portrait Beyond the Window.

In 2020, Lee’s Beyond the Window painting was entered into an international curated exhibition with Poets & Artists in response to the global pandemic. In 2022, it was announced that she was selected for the SpaceX mission—Lunar Codex Artists on the Moon. The successful mission was the first soft landing on the moon for the U.S. since the last Apollo mission in 1972 and the first commercial vehicle to touch down on the lunar surface. Additionally, the Lunar Codex has reserved payload space with Astrobotic on the Griffin/Viper mission with Nasa’sASA rover to the lunar South Pole, which will be launched with SpaceX in November.

SpaceX Artwork

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