Three cryptos gaining interest from traders: Ethena, SOL, Angry Pepe Fork

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Investors are focusing on utility tokens such as Ethena, Solana, and Angry Pepe Fork for potential gains, while some tokens face challenges.

Looking at the market movement, it appears it will be back in the bullish zone soon. While some tokens are moving high up the ladder, some cryptos are still finding it difficult to leave the bearish sentiments. Nevertheless, investors have begun to accumulate some utility tokens that can bring them profit soon. Some of the top crypto coins that have seen voluminous traction in recent weeks are Ethena, Solana, and Angry Pepe Fork. Let’s see how far they can go in a few weeks.

Angry Pepe Fork sees a surge in buyers’ traction 

Joining the likes of Ethena and Solana, Angry Pepe Fork has seen a surge in users’ traction as the market continues its partial resurgence. Angry Pepe Fork is a new pattern of fighting off rebels and renegades in a bid to attain the top. The project has taken the market by storm, featuring a unique conquer-to-earn model, allowing individuals to crush zombie memecoins.

Apart from that, Angry Pepe Fork features a staking dApp, allowing individuals to stake their assets for a certain period. The benefits that accrue from staking depend on the number of zombie crushes. Furthermore, the platform also rewards individuals with its native token and makes them highly placed members of the ecosystem. 

In terms of security, Angry Pepe Fork could be one of the best cryptos to invest in. The project boasts a soundproof smart contract with only a fixed total supply of 1.9 billion tokens available. This is done to ensure constant token appreciation and rarity which makes it appeal to memecoin enthusiasts and the general crypto community. 

Having started the presale a few weeks ago, APORK, the Angry Pepe Fork native token is selling at $0.014. Juxtaposing the rise of Angry Pepe Fork with that of Pepe, analysts believe APORK may be a more profitable investment than PEPE, making it a top crypto to buy now. With the potential to earn a profit of 250% at presale and 350% by launch, Angry Pepe Fork is one of the best cryptos to capitalize on.

Ethena token goes bearish but investors accumulate

Ethena coin is an Ethereum-compatible protocol providing crypto-based solutions for financial transactions without relying on traditional financial institutions. Ethena was listed on Binance on April 2, 2024, and attained an all-time high record of $1.52 a week later. However, Ethena price  has gone bearish in recent times, slipping slightly in the past month.

Even though the Ethena market cap is well above $1 billion, the token has failed to sustain the challenge at the $1 psychological threshold. However, analysts believe a bullish reversal could take the Ethena price to the $0.84 mark and potentially to $1 in the coming weeks.

Is $160 possible for Solana in this dip?

Despite several use cases and its expansive ecosystem, the token has fallen into the bear market. Having gained a slight 2% last month, Solana’s price has decreased by 13% in the past week. The Solana market cap also shares the same fate, unable to climb $70 billion.

However, a key positive from Solana could be seen from the technical analysis. Currently, the token holds a Fear and Greed Index of 74 Extreme Greed, indicating a bullish outlook. Although the market sentiment is not convincing, the Solana coin may push to reach $160 within June.

For more information, visit Angry Pepe Fork’s presale website.

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