TrumpCoin price prediction: Will the token continue to grow as the elections approach?

With the upcoming US elections stirring interest, there’s been a surge in meme coins linked to former President Donald Trump, who is running for office again. TrumpCoin (DJT), a new cryptocurrency, launched on May 21 and was listed on the MEXC Global exchange on June 18, 2024. By June 20, the coin peaked at $0.01806 but took a sharp dip the following day to $0.009372. Today, as of June 25, DJT is trading around $0.0177, boasting a market cap of $176.14 million. What will the TrumpCoin coin price prediction be?

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DJT background

TrumpCoin (DJT) is a memecoin connected to Trump’s media stock, DJT. Based on the Solana blockchain, the project aims to capitalize on both memecoins trend and politically engaged investors.

Who created DJT? Martin Shkreli, known as “Pharma Bro” due to his controversial history, claimed that Barron Trump, the youngest son of Donald Trump, approached him about the DJT token. Shkreli stated that he provided advice and alleged that Barron Trump holds the smart contract’s private keys, with involvement from the cryptocurrency influencer “Ansem.” He also hinted that Donald Trump knew about the token and gave his approval for it. The crypto community has reacted skeptically, pointing to Shkreli’s criminal history and questioning his motivations.

TrumpCoin price prediction: long-term outlook

What lies ahead for the meme coin DJT in the long-term? Let’s look at the TrumpCoin price prediction for 2024 and beyond.

TrumpCoin price prediction 2024

According to Coincu’s TrumpCoin crypto price prediction, they foresee the DJT token’s value swinging between $0.2636 and $0.6325 by 2024. Meanwhile, CoinDataFlow expects TrumpCoin to potentially peak at $0.031537 during the same year.

TrumpCoin price prediction 2025

Looking ahead to 2025, projections for TrumpCoin suggest that the DJT token could be valued anywhere between $0.4849 and $1.05. According to Coindataflow’s TrumpCoin price prediction, the memecoin is projected to peak at $0.084853 in 2025.

TrumpCoin price prediction 2030

Coindataflow predicts that DJT might reach only $0.0790032 by 2030. 

According to Coincu’s TrumpCoin price forecast for 2030, they anticipate the token’s value to range between $1.69 and $2.32.


Is TrumpCoin a good investment?

Investing in TrumpCoin comes with risks due to its speculative nature and controversial origins tied to Martin Shkreli.

Will TrumpCoin go up or down?

DJT price forecasts suggest potential peaks, with Coincu predicting a range of $0.2636 to $2.32 by 2030, and Coindataflow estimating $0.084853 by 2025.

Should I invest in TrumpCoin?

Whether you’re considering investing in DJT or holding back, take your time to weigh the risks involved.

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