Ty Cobb: Founding Fathers would be 'weeping and stunned' over Trump guilty verdict

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Former Trump White House attorney Ty Cobb said that America’s Founding Fathers would be “weeping and stunned” over former President Trump’s guilty verdict in this hush-money case that came down on Thursday. 

Cobb said it is just “sad for the country” seeing a former president convicted. 

“It’s a tragedy that we now have a former president who’s a convicted felon and the leading candidate to be the next president, who’s a convicted felon,” Cobb said during his Thursday appearance on CNN’s show “Erin Burnett OutFront.” 

“I’m sure the founders, were they here today, we would all be weeping and stunned,” he said. “And I’m frankly saddened by this because it means it means a lot to America, and it tarnishes America.” 

Trump was found guilty of all 34 felony counts on Thursday, becoming the first former commander-in-chief to become a convicted felon. The New York jury on Thursday found him guilty on all counts of falsifying business records to conceal alleged affairs during the 2016 presidential campaign. The conviction does not prevent him from running for the White House. His sentencing is set for July 11, just four days before the Republican National Convention (RNC), where Trump is set to be officially nominated. 

Cobb stated that he does not think that Trump will face jail time but added, “It’s certainly possible.” 

“If he is sentenced to jail, he wouldn’t serve that sentence without in all likelihood until after the appeals have run, which would be a year to 18 months or maybe more,” Cobb said on Thursday. 

Cobb said on Tuesday, before the decision came down, that he thought Trump would likely be convicted in the New York case.

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