Whales accumulating XRP and QUBE, InQubeta’s vision attracts interest

Crypto is known for innovation, exciting projects, and constant pursuit of bullish waves. Lately, there’s been a trend of whales accumulating XRP and QUBE.

While XRP is an established coin, the intrigue surrounding QUBE is less apparent. It seems like certain influential investors have unique insights into InQubeta.

Whales accumulating XRP and QUBE, InQubeta's vision attracts interest - 1

This post will examine the recent accumulation of XRP and QUBE, shedding light on the undisclosed aspects of InQubeta.

Additionally, it will discuss the reasons behind the rising interest in this emerging decentralized finance (defi) project and why more investors are tracking QUBE. 

InQubeta: growing whale interest

QUBE, the native utility token of the InQubeta ecosystem, has been gaining considerable traction in crypto. The project, at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, aims to bring about transformative changes to the industry.

This vision has seen its presale raise over $2.5 million as of press time. At this pace, QUBE, a token with real-world application, is being touted as one of the altcoins to watch in 2023.

InQubeta’s primary objective is to pioneer the use of crypto in crowdfunding for AI startups, making QUBE primarily a fundraising tool for such ventures.

AI-based startups can secure funding by creating investment opportunities, which will be converted into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and divided into fractions.

This approach enables fractional investments in AI projects by acquiring fractionalized NFTs using QUBE. 

In addition, QUBE holders will have governance rights and the ability to influence decisions within the InQubeta platform.

QUBE’s deflationary characteristic is another compelling factor driving its growth and popularity.

This mechanism ensures that a fixed percentage of the QUBE supply is permanently eliminated with each transaction, leading to a scarcity effect.

This can support prices in the long run, a reason why analysts are also bullish on the token’s growth potential. 

XRP is a top 5 crypto

XRP is the native currency of the XRP Ledger (XRPL). While it is currently the 5th largest by market cap, it has had its fair share of volatility. 

The coin is primarily used in cross-border payments. However, before its recent partial victory against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), XRP prices were trending lower.

The lawsuit by the SEC significantly impacted XRP’s valuation. However, it stabilized after the recent court ruling. 

This, in turn, has attracted the interest of whales and other retail investors, most of whom are bullish on the coin.


The whales accumulating XRP and QUBE is a positive sign. Their interest indicates confidence in the value and growth potential of these assets, which can bolster their worth. Despite InQubeta being a newcomer, its vision could enhance its position in the cryptocurrency market.

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