Whales accumulating XRP, investors bullish on QUBE

The crypto market, known for its volatility and unforeseeable changes, is often influenced by investor sentiment. While XRP, with its increased whale activity, has caught the eyes of crypto enthusiasts, QUBE, the native token of InQubeta, is gaining ground. Specifically, there is a notable interest in the InQubeta presale.

InQubeta: future of AI start-up investments?

Set against the backdrop of artificial intelligence (AI) innovation, InQubeta seeks to redefine the investment landscape for AI start-ups. 

The crowdfunding platform, enabling fractional investments with QUBE, links AI innovators and potential investors. This inclusive approach opens doors for individuals with diverse financial backgrounds to contribute to shaping the future of AI start-ups.

The QUBE ERC-20 token is also deflationary and primes a reward mechanism. It explains why investors consider it a top crypto when seeking opportunities beyond the conventional. 

A 2% buy and sell tax that goes towards burning and a 5% tax channeled to a dedicated reward pool offers QUBE holders the chance to earn by staking their tokens. 

But it is not just about the returns. One can also participate in decision-making processes for the betterment of the ecosystem. 

The upcoming launch of InQubeta swap and InQubeta DAO may also enhance QUBE’s utility. 

Presently, the ongoing presale has raised over $2.4 million.

Whales accumulating XRP

Per recent reports, whales appear to be accumulating XRP, signifying a potential shift in market dynamics.

Whales accumulating XRP, investors bullish on QUBE - 1

 Historically, whale accumulation often precedes bullish runs. If this pattern repeats, XRP could rally in the sessions ahead.

QUBE versus XRP

Comparing XRP’s performance with QUBE offers an intriguing insight. 

While XRP’s bullish trajectory hinges primarily on whale activity, QUBE’s rise, as analysts observe, is more organic, rooted in its core value proposition. 

By enabling seamless investment in AI start-ups, InQubeta and QUBE are being considered by investors who see the potential of AI in the future. 

Beyond this assessment, InQubeta represents a shift in how we perceive and invest in AI technology

As the line between traditional and crypto investment blurs, platforms like InQubeta can be at the forefront of this revolution.


While XRP and QUBE operate in distinct crypto spheres, their trajectories can offer a fascinating study of market dynamics, potential, and, possibly, the power of innovation. Investors can explore these tokens and even dig deeper into their roles in crypto. 

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