XRP and Solana investors exploring DeeStream presale

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Market analysts are bullish on DeeStream (DST), a decentralized live-streaming protocol. In their view, it could outperform Solana (SOL) and XRP. 

While XRP faces regulatory struggles, Solana has been doing well and hit an all-time high for daily active addresses in January.

Solana’s on-chain activity rising

Solana registered over 11.81 million new addresses in January, up 18% from December. 

This surge is the highest number since May 2022. 

Despite its impressive speed and scalability, Solana has had reliability issues, which is a concern for investors.

XRP’s fading glory

XRP, a cryptocurrency once popular for cross-border payments, has been falling. 

It is currently trading at $0.5015, and despite the market recovering, prices remain stagnant. The coin is down by over 85% from its peak.

Many investors are exploring alternatives. 

The ongoing U.S. SEC lawsuit has harmed investor sentiment, diffusing upside momentum.

DeeStream presale

DeeStream aims to change how users stream content. 

In stage one of its presale, a phase explored by XRP and SOL holders, DST is available for $0.035. 

DeeStream competes with popular platforms like Twitch, Kick, TikTok, and YouTube Live. However, it is a first mover in Web3. 

DST prices will increase after each stage, incentivizing early purchase. At the same time, token holders can share the platform’s revenue. Earnings depend on tokens purchased.

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