XRP ETF launch: rumors or reality?

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How does the approval of the first BTC spot ETF shed light on the challenges facing an XRP ETF?

Amid the prevailing bullish sentiment in the market, a significant development has ignited anticipation and debate: the possibility of a Ripple (XRP) exchange-traded fund (ETF) entering the fray.

At the center of this discourse lies Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s recent interview with Bloomberg on Feb. 20. 

During the interview, Garlinghouse conveyed cautious optimism regarding the prospect of an XRP ETF. While he expressed openness to the idea, he stopped short of revealing concrete plans.

Although Garlinghouse neither confirmed nor denied ongoing discussions with major asset management firms like BlackRock, rumors have swirled regarding potential collaborations. 

Notably, in Nov. 2023, a leaked filing suggested BlackRock’s interest in an XRP ETF, fueling speculation. However, this rumor was subsequently debunked later.

In contrast to the absence of an XRP ETF in the US market, European investors currently have access to XRP exchange-traded products (ETPs) offered by firms such as Coinshares and 21Shares.

However, the road to launching an XRP ETF in the U.S. is riddled with regulatory hurdles and market speculation, compounded by the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Analyzing social media buzz around XRP ETF

Following the discussion surrounding the potential introduction of an XRP ETF, X became a hub of activity as individuals from various backgrounds weighed in on the matter.

One notable tweet came from John Deaton, who coincidentally announced his run for Senator on the same day Brad Garlinghouse discussed the possibility of an XRP ETF. 

This tweet sparked speculation about potential connections between political ambitions and market developments.

Additionally, former Ripple director Sean McBride offered insights, predicting the emergence of an XRP ETF by 2024 or 2025, along with a Ripple initial public offering (IPO) outside the U.S. in 2025. 

Amid the buzz, one user began to create fear of missing out (FOMO) narratives, emphasizing the purported opportunities for wealth accumulation. 

This tweet, and others like it, encourage followers to hold onto their holdings, projecting immense gains and suggesting that those who sell now would miss out on potential riches. 

It’s crucial to approach such speculative claims with caution, recognizing the inherent risks and uncertainties within the crypto market.

The ongoing legal between Ripple and the SEC

The Ripple vs. SEC legal saga has seen a flurry of activity and speculation in recent months, with key developments pointing towards the potential for a resolution. 

Notably, the SEC’s silence and lack of motions following a closed meeting on Nov. 30, 2023, have fueled rumors of a possible settlement between Ripple and the SEC. 

This speculation arises amid the backdrop of Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, expressing readiness to take the lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary​​.

Meanwhile, the legal proceedings have progressed to a crucial phase, with a schedule set for the remedies stage. 

Important dates to note include Mar. 13, when the SEC is expected to file its remedies brief, followed by Ripple’s opposition due on Apr. 12. The SEC will then file its reply to Ripple’s opposition by Apr. 29, marking the completion of the remedies phase​​. 

Meanwhile, legal expert Fred Rispoli has highlighted the lack of motions from the SEC as a sign that could indicate an unspoken agreement between Ripple and the SEC, potentially leading to a settlement after the review of the desired discovery​​.

What to expect next?

The recent approval of the first BTC spot ETF in Jan. 2024, after a decade-long journey, highlights the regulatory hurdles and cautious approach to crypto-based financial products.

Overcoming these challenges, the road to an XRP ETF seems daunting, echoing the broader struggles of the crypto industry in gaining regulatory acceptance for novel financial instruments. 

With the SEC’s focus on Ethereum ETFs, it’s evident that established assets will likely take precedence over XRP and others.

Thus, the evolving regulatory environment will shape Ripple’s path and have implications for broader market trends, including XRP’s ETFs, Ripple’s IPO, and the crypto landscape at large.

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