Zac Efron gets completely shredded in preparation for the upcoming film about Kevin Von Erich, a pro wrestler

On set for “The Iron Claw,” Zac Efron displayed his toned muscles.

The actor, 35 years old, was displaying his new physique as he prepares to play the role of Kevin Von Erich, a retired professional wrestler.

Efron was photographed in a simple blue towel while looking noticeably more muscular on set. Efron also wore a longer, bowl-cut wig to play the role.

“The Iron Claw,” tells the story of the Von Erich family’s impact on wrestling.

Efron will be joined by Lily James and Harris Dickinson, Holt McCallany and Jeremy Allen White, as well as Maura Tierney. Sean Durkin will be writing and directing.

Efron isn’t the first to have his body physically altered for a role in a movie.

In a 2020 interview, the “High School Musical” star said he never wanted to be as fit as he was for Baywatch.

Baywatch was a very important time because I realized that I didn’t want to ever be that fit again after I finished that movie. Really. Efron acknowledged that it was difficult. You have almost no flexibility, right? There are things under your skin, such as water, that can make your six-pack look like a four-pack. It’s not real, it’s stupid.

Men’s Health also heard Efron speak about the body’s “unsustainable” state.

“That ‘Baywatch” look, I don’t know if it’s possible. He said that there was too much water in the skin. It looks CGI-ed like it’s fake. Lasix, a powerful diuretic, was required to accomplish this feat. That’s why I don’t have to do it. I would prefer an additional two to three percent body fat.

Efron shared with the outlet that he felt exhausted and had trouble sleeping during intense training called Baywatch. Efron felt ready to change his approach to fitness after the 2020 pandemic.

In the October 2022 magazine cover story, he said that he had developed insomnia. “I was in a very bad depression for a while. That experience was what drove me crazy. It was really difficult to recenter. They concluded that I had taken too many diuretics for too long and that it was causing some problems.

Efron made changes to his diet and sleeping patterns in the wake of feeling better.

He also became vegan for two years.

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