Zoe Saldana, star of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ says Jerry Bruckheimer that she regrets her experience on set

Zoe Saldana has appeared in movies such as “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Avatar” or “Avengers: Endgame”.

She was cast as Anamaria in the 2003 film “Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl”, and described the experience as not ideal.

Saldana was only in one Johnny Depp film, but she told EW that it was her first role in a major Hollywood movie.

Saldana said that it was her first exposure to a Hollywood mega-movie, with so many actors, so many producers, and so many crew members.

“We shot in various locations and the environments weren’t always conducive to our shoot days. It was too much for me as a youngster, and the pace was too fast.

She also spoke out about her poor experience filming “Pirates of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl”, and decided not to return to the franchise.

“I didn’t have a great experience overall. She said that she felt lost in the trenches a lot and that it wasn’t OK.

Saldana also said that Jerry Bruckheimer was the film’s producer and that he later apologized for the bad experience.

She said that Jerry Bruckheimer had apologized for the experience and wanted everyone to have a positive experience with his projects. “That was what moved me. The fact that he remembered I had mentioned it during the press, I presume, or an engagement that I had done years ago, and that he felt compelled to bring it up and take responsibility.

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