Robert Kennedy Jr at Consensus 2024: Crypto is freedom, transparency

U.S. Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr said transactional freedom through crypto must be protected to ensure economic growth.

Commenting on Donald Trump’s U-turn on crypto policy, Kennedy Jr lauded the revamped view and implored President Joe Biden to side with innovation in America by supporting crypto. “I’m not going to question if it was a political decision, I’m happy he did it and I hope President Biden does too”, said the politician.

Kennedy Jr abstained from commenting on Trump’s conviction, as industry observers pondered how the court ruling might impact the Republican pro-crypto candidate.

The presidential candidate added that more figures like SEC Chair Gary Gensler should recognize and encourage decentralized currencies like Bitcoin (BTC), which offer a solution to diluted monetary instruments currently overshadowing the U.S. capital ecosystem.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can power a democratized market economy where investors and individuals control their wealth outside government interference, per Kennedy Jr’s comments at Consensus 2024. 

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The way forward

Kennedy Jr opined that the government must guarantee digital asset ownership, sovereign wallet control, and consumer protection from scams like FTX by creating a clear crypto regulatory framework. 

According to the politician, crypto should also be treated as currency and exempt from capital gains. Fair digital assets policies means people “ have a choice as to whether they can buy” these virtual currencies and use them to settle purchases. 

Kennedy Jr’s speech strengthened remarks from experts like Coinshare chief strategy officer Meltem Demirors and A16z Crypto founder Chris Dixon, who said the crypto voting block may be crucial to this year’s presidential elections. 

A poll found that over 44% of voters either own digital assets or factor blockchain policies when deciding between candidates.

Regardless of the U.S. electoral outcome, it’s uncertain if crypto regulations will pass this year. Congressman Tom Emmer told Consensus attendees that an end-of-year Senate session might be the best chance for decisive digital asset rules before next year.

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