Trust Wallet restored to Google Play Store

Binance-endorsed crypto storage provider Trust Wallet was temporarily removed from the Google Play Store on April 29.

After the news broke, Trust Wallet’s token TWT fell 5% as users were unsure why Google suspended the app without public notice. Speculators also surmised that the issue was related to an FBI circular from last week, warning against using non-KYC platforms and solutions.

Following confusion on social media, reached out to the self-custodial wallet maker for comment. A spokesperson clarified in an email that the company had taken swift action to resolve the incident. According to the information provided, the FBI notice was not singled out as a reason for Google’s initial decision. TWT had barely recovered from its plunge at press time, per CoinMarketCap. 

“The matter was related to Google’s policies to which we submitted an appeal several weeks ago. Furthermore, we are glad to inform you that Trust Wallet app is again live at the Google Play Store.”

Trust Wallet spokesperson

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TWT price chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

Trust Wallet security concerns

While Google’s momentary takedown seems unrelated to the FBI’s announcement, the wallet provider may still face an ongoing debacle connected to security concerns. Earlier this month, the non-custodial wallet warned Apple users of a zero-day vulnerability rooted in the default iOS messenger app. The company recommended deactivating iMessage until a fix is implemented. 

In February, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) also disclosed an inquiry into a security flaw spotted in Trust Wallet’s iOS application. 

The NIST, a U.S. Department of Commerce branch, did not confirm whether the loophole was tied to iMessage. Furthermore, the investigation was revealed nearly a month after hackers breached a third-party provider used by the crypto wallet, although no user data was compromised. 

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